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What is my language level?

The international scale that defines the knowledge of a foreign language is divided into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

At Lalezione.it we follow this standard. But there is one aspect to consider: in everyday life or even in everyone’s life, during a trip and when talking to native speakers we cannot check in advance the difficulties we will encounter. For this reason, at Lalezione.it is you who choose which level of difficulty is right for you.

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What is a short modules for?

Studying a foreign language takes time, especially if we really want to improve our skills we need to follow a complete course. Why does lalesso.it offer very short courses instead? Now I’ll explain it to you.

The process by which our brain learns a language has been studied by psychologists and neurologists, in order to identify the most effective teaching methodologies and approaches. Simply put, we know that there are ways of learning a language that work better than others. This … Continue reading

Publish your courses on lalezione.it

Are you a teacher or do you want to become one? Lalezione.it puts all the resources and support at your disposal to offer your students the best possible study experience. Our experts help you choose the teaching materials for the course, define the objectives and the technological platform that you like best. We also help you solve all tax issues, managing payments directly, without commissions because we believe in the direct relationship between teacher and student. After publishing your courses, … Continue reading

Why don’t you forget what you learned at La Lezione?

Because you are talking about topics that are important to you personally.

And because in La Lezione the emphasis is on colloquial speech.

When we talk or communicate with native speakers, grammar is absorbed by itself, without much effort. This is because our brains are designed to learn multiple languages, which is a natural process. Our courses are based on this process and use texts and exercises that encourage learning and arrangement, so what you have learned you will never forget.

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Learn a foreign language with podcasts

The Internet offers many resources for learning foreign languages. One of them is podcasts. There are lessons, language courses in podcasts but how can we use podcasts to learn to speak? Here are some effective strategies you can use.

The first thing is to look for podcasts on topics that really interest you. If you like music, you can search for musical podcasts, if you like sports, search for a podcast that talks about sports. The secret is to search for … Continue reading