Индивидуальные занятия подходят тем, кто
  • не может регулярно участвовать на занятиях в группе
  • планирует сдавать экзамен, поступать в университет
Learning Italian by talking

Contatto A2 course will bring you more than 1300 of the most common Italian words, verbs in the present, past and future tense, and up to 30 daily life communicative situations. All lessons are held in Italian language and consist of practical activities: twice per week you will feel like in Italy and feel how your Italian is improving. The course is based on the book “Nuovo Contatto A2 ” by Loescher (Italy) that include tons of audio and interactive material for the individual study.

The course is composed of 2 modules of 16 lesson each (20 academic hours)

Lessons are on line using GoToMeeting for the best live classroom experience.

Why choose Contatto A2?

  • Live talking with teacher and motivated schoolmates like you
  • mini groups (maximum 4 students)
  • 2 complete modules (each module is 2 mounth)

About the teacher

Sonia Frigerio

I was born in Lecco, Italy, received a MS degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures at Milan State University, where I studied Russian and English. Now I have lived in Russia for over five years teaching Italian and English. I enjoy good literature and theatre.
I speak Italian, Russian, English and Serbian